Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dollface Vanity Palette

Im so Happy! Finally guys! Just yesterday i already purchased my Dollface Vanity Palette at The ramp, crossings Glorietta 3 with my sweet boyfriend who is really very supportive! Whew after months of raving and being confused on choosing on some of their palettes, I ended up choosing this palette because this palette already has lippies, blushes and contour along with the 60 eyeshad colors! So its kinda complete right! and the colors were so Girly! Haha arte much! I was so excited when i finally saw the dollface stall, but really got upset because the sales lady couldn't find Vanity palette in their stocks and has been telling me that maybe it was already out of stock and telling me to choose another palette whoah! it made me really disappointed! but i still urge her to search for it carefully then after some few minutes on well searching for my palette she cheerfully uttered "I found it Maam". Thank God because I was really eyeing this product eversince i saw it on youtube make up videos and hearing some positive reviews on some of my other Make up pals.

Unboxing my Dollface Vanity Palette

Price: P 1,000
Where to buy: The Ramp, Crossings Glorietta 3 2nd flr.

Thank you for reading my post!
Next Item to purchase: 12pc Brush Set (Pink)