Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Maxi-Peel Concealing Cream review

Just a short review about this concealer

Admit it! Us girls are really Picky when it comes to concealer, But for me I would only trust one concealer, My Maxi-Peel Concealer cream and it only cost cheap, Bought this for only 75 php. at any leading drugstores, This product reaaally works on my face so well. I have no negative comments so far, Because aside from its concealing effect it is also significant in whitening and has an intense sun protection packed with Spf20 and also serves as my instant make up base for my everyday use.. This is really a must buy brand. Many of my officemate ar amazed and noticed the changes on my face some say that my face became much lighter and smoother than before.

The Essence of Faith

A Reflection...

Okaay, So Before i start to insert this dramatic blog of mine tonight, Ehem! First I would like to thank GOD for making me realize that every mishaps, Failure, Tragedy, Sickness, Hurt, Betrayals that we encounter in our life would just be a peasize amount of what God has experience before just to save us and show us what real sacrifice is... Yes im indeed experiencing some things that are just plain to tell, But guys this is just something that might help you to realize, reflect and get closer to god... And this is how it goes, Om working as a Human Resource and admin assistant in a manpower agency, Our boss who is the owner of our company who is also the one who helped me to get this job  and also a bestfriend of my grand mother, Initiated me or invited me to join their charismatic christian community. At first i really told my boss that i dont want to be a part of their community, because i just can't. I couldnt explain why, I just dont feel like joining them. But i truly believe in god and i dont have any negative beliefs about god. I am just too lazy to do or participate activities that i think they are going to give. But then i was still forced to join, We held our singles encounter in Taytay Rizal, The members of the community glady welcomed us with their warm hugs , sweet greetings and pleasnt smiles, We had some sharings, we had fun we did some worships like singing praises to god. We had delicious meals, We did some fun activities, We laughed, danced, and they also prepared us some touching surprises, We always start and end activities with a prayer. Very tiring yet at the end of the day, I can actually say that I had a very great experience, An awesome feeling of joyness..Being closer to god is like being close to comfortness, I thanked my boss for forcing me to join their community because of her i became much closer to god. Life that god has given us has so much to offer so we should make the best out of it and live faithfully to God, for he has given me a new life and bright thoughts to discover.

My Jack n Jill Presto Cookie Love

This cookie has been my fave cookie eversince it landed on my mouth. It never failed my cravings when it comes to cookies. I love its peanut buttery taste and its mouth watering smell. This only cost 19 pesos. This cookie always serve as one of my merienda or mid night snack, aslo when while im blogging or doing office works... I still remember having this as my baon way back in my highschool days, Definitely my Favorit cookie of all time, This is a must try Bite!

My Mini Fan

Is the heat driving you Crazy??? Take a look at this new stuff of mine that i bought a few weeks ago..

 A mini portable fan! For only 99 pesos you can easily enjoy and make your days cooler! its battery operated so its very convenient to use. Isnt it so Cute and stylish? I carry it everywhere i go, whenever i feel hot and uncomfy... My Friends are also attracted and wanted to buy one too, but its just too late because the season has changed. but that doesnt stopped me from using it.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Birthday Wants

The 78 color v2 palette from Dollface

32 Lip color Palette

                                                                       12 pc Brush Set

Lets Dance

Hi there Guys!!! As you can see im wearing a PoPo Cap (Police Cap),And That is Definitely not mine. I just took it from my Older Brother just for me to try it out,and it's so Cool. Anyway  I created this Gif thingy in the site. Looks like im dancing right? This site had me so much fun because aside from their Gif maker you can also select some variety of their animations, effects and designs, So try it out and Have Fun! 

The Character

I think i was only 20 when i took this bubbly picture of mine...and Oh yes Im Obviously a fan of hello kitty back then, But you know when you're not getting any younger some things really do CHANGE. And guess what another character i am portraying in this Photo??? well its CHUN-LI! hahaha. Chun-li is a video game character from the famous video fighting game "STREETFIGHTER" She is also known to being the first female fighting character. I used to play that video game when i was a kid. and then got addicted to it Because our neighbor used to own a Playstation Shop. I remember myself cutting out on my Baon just to play that game. After class i can't wait to go out and play. And Chun-li came to be one of my favorit because i can defeat other characters by her LIGHTNING KICK one of her famous attack, this has been her signature move.

Chun-li with her signature move
yeah so awesome...