Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Character

I think i was only 20 when i took this bubbly picture of mine...and Oh yes Im Obviously a fan of hello kitty back then, But you know when you're not getting any younger some things really do CHANGE. And guess what another character i am portraying in this Photo??? well its CHUN-LI! hahaha. Chun-li is a video game character from the famous video fighting game "STREETFIGHTER" She is also known to being the first female fighting character. I used to play that video game when i was a kid. and then got addicted to it Because our neighbor used to own a Playstation Shop. I remember myself cutting out on my Baon just to play that game. After class i can't wait to go out and play. And Chun-li came to be one of my favorit because i can defeat other characters by her LIGHTNING KICK one of her famous attack, this has been her signature move.

Chun-li with her signature move
yeah so awesome...

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