Friday, August 3, 2012

The Birthday Presents ♥

♥ I love Birthday Surprises, My Sweet Officemate named (Ate) Rocel who also is a Best Bud of mine gave me an advance Birthday gift! Surprisingly just one of my Dream make up brand "ETUDE HOUSE". I was really happy when she gave it to me, She placed it beside me when i was asleep at my office table during our breaktime, I gladly opened it and  really got suprised about the presents... Im so Thankful that i have a sweet and thoughtful friend that made me extra happy in advance.. ♥

♥ And Here's whats Inside it ♥

♥ A dear Darling Lippie ♥

♥  Ultra Shining Glossy Lippie that Sparkles and comes in Peach Milk Shade ♥


♥ Orgel Light ♥

This one is an eyeshadow, It has a mix of three colors which is Grey, Pink and Purple
Cute color combinations right? 


And Lastly the Etude Pearl Extract Face Mask

I would really try this out, Uhm I guess ...Maybe next week and will also do a
product review about this.

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