Sunday, August 26, 2012

Music Enthusiasms

Recently on my Music enthusiasms, I've been so much addicted listening to some soft sounded melody called "Bossa Nova" which was accordingly from wiki t'was known as the "New Trend". This kind of music really relaxes me down and makin my spirit positive. Through my thorough researches and browse abouts, i have finally point my attention to Olivia Ong. Her bossa nova renditions were incredibly beautiful,, she sang it so heartly and soft. Olivia Ong is a singaporean singer but majority of her piece are in English. At her young age (19) she already released her bestselling album "A girl meets bossanova" which made her famous in her own country and the only one that got exported exclusively in japan.

Olivia Ong

One of my favorite Olivia Ong's piece

Love Fool 

and this one too!
True colors

and many more!
you can visit her channel on youtube
just click the link below


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  2. Wow, she has a nice voice :o And this is really relaxing. Exactly what I needed! :)
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  3. Nice voice, very talented!
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